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v  With the exception of Division CAT ‘A’, Division CAT ‘B’, Under 21 Division, and the Masters’ divisions, our clubs are reminded that only 5 substitutions are allowed in the VMSL. The substitution slips enclosed in your package—as well as the team rosters—are to be used. Teams using more than 5 substitutes are using ineligible players and are subject to the loss of points and heavy fines. The opposition and/or the referee cannot agree to allow more than 5 substitutes!! In the Masters’ divisions, no sub slips are required since unlimited substitutions are allowed. In Divisions CAT ‘A’, CAT ‘B’, and Under 21, sub slips are required during the match (maximum of 5 per team) but not at halftime (unlimited substitutions with no sub slips).


v  Discipline hearings are held every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the league office. Players that have been ejected are invited to appear on the Thursday immediately following the ejection. If the ejected player fails to appear, his case will be dealt with in absentia.


v  When a player has accumulated 3 cautions, the team manager or coach will be notified and the player’s ID card must be brought to the office immediately. The player must sit out the next game. We will contact the manager and/or coach via e-mail early in the week. This means that we are always one week behind.    DO  NOT  SIT A PLAYER WITHOUT HAVING RECEIVED OUR NOTIFICATION!!!!!!  We will follow the same procedure when a player has accumulated 5 cautions. A player that has accumulated 6 or more cautions during the season will be asked to attend a discipline hearing.


v  A player playing in the CAT system must sit out his suspension with the team with which he is registered. HE IS NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY FOR ANY OTHER TEAM UNTIL HE HAS SERVED HIS SUSPENSION WITH HIS REGISTERED TEAM.


v  Players without valid VMSL identification cards are ineligible to play in any VMSL game. The only exceptions are: 1) Youth players playing on permit; these players must have a signed BCSA permit form and a valid BCSA youth ID card.  2) Players with a letter from the VMSL giving them permission to play without an ID card.


v  In league games, the home team is responsible for paying the officials’ fees. The new fee structure was sent to our members last week. Please remember to pay the officials prior to the commencement of the second half of play.


v  Please remember that 2 overage players (on blue or orange cards) are allowed on the team’s roster in Under 21 league matches. These players must be from the club’s CAT system. All other players must be on pink cards.


v  Referees have to check rosters, ID cards, field preparation, and other important matters well before kick-off time. If the field is not lined properly (burned lines are not sufficient), if the nets are not affixed properly, if the uniforms are inadequate, if the corner flags are inadequate or missing, if the rosters and ID cards are not ready when the referee asks for them, the team will be fined. Please remember that it is the responsibility of the home team to supply a match ball (as well as a spare match ball). It is the responsibility of the away team to change jerseys in case of a colour conflict.


v  Game postponements will be posted on our website (vmslsoccer.com) each Friday afternoon. Look for “THIS WEEK’S SCHEDULE” for regular updates.