Imperial Cup

Imperial Cup 2023-24

Cup Guidelines

  • Refer to the 2024 Imperial Cup Draw found here
  • Home teams are reminded that it is their responsibility to fund and prepare the field of play through the quarterfinals including providing a 2.5 hour permit to support overtime and penalties as required. 
  • Teams in the semifinals at neutral venues share the field cost and field set up (one net, two flags) 
  • The officials’ fees (premier division rate) are to be shared equally between the two teams (except in the final).
  • Away teams are to change jerseys in case of a colour conflict.
  • In case of a tie at the end of regulation time – two 15-minute halves of overtime will be played. If the game is still tied after overtime, the result will be decided by penalty kicks.
  • The ICP and CAT systems are NOT in effect during Cup play.
  • Youth permits are allowed and these cup tie the Youth

Round of 32

ScheduleTypeDateDivisionHome TeamResultVisiting TeamFieldGame No.
Round of 32CupSat 2/3/2024 1:45PMImperial CupWestside FC A4 - 0BCT SupraEmpire Turf North - VAN2
Round of 32CupSat 2/3/2024 4:00PMImperial CupVancouver Harps FC A1 - 5SFC Pegasus ATrillium Turf East - VAN5
Round of 32CupSat 2/3/2024 4:05PMImperial CupNVFC Norvan A2 - 1Coastal FC AFen Burdett Mahon Turf - NVAN7
Extra time win (FT 1-1)
Round of 32CupSat 2/3/2024 6:30PMImperial CupVUFC Snipers A3 - 1FC Serbia United AUBC Ken Woods Turf - VAN3
Round of 32CupSat 2/3/2024 8:30PMImperial CupPort Moody SC A6 - 1Bingers Army OriginalsTrasolini Turf - PMDY4
Sun 2/4/2024
Round of 32CupSun 2/4/2024 6:00PMImperial CupMetropolitan FC A1 - 0West Van FC AUniversity Hill Sec Turf - VAN8
Round of 32CupSun 2/4/2024 6:05PMImperial CupMAFC Ares2 - 1Rinos A FuryBby Lake West 4 Turf - BBY1
Round of 32CupSun 2/4/2024 8:30PMImperial CupBby Selects W Eagles3 - 7Strathcona Primo FC ABby Lake West 4 Turf - BBY6

Round of 16

ScheduleTypeDateDivisionHome TeamResultVisiting TeamFieldGame No.
Round of 16CupFri 2/16/2024 7:15PMImperial CupColumbus FC A2 - 0MAFC AresBby Lake West 2 Turf - BBY9
Round of 16CupFri 2/16/2024 8:00PMImperial CupCMFSC A Wolves7 - 1Westside FC ATown Ctr Cunnings Turf 7 - COQ10
Round of 16CupFri 2/16/2024 8:00PMImperial CupVUFC Hibernian3 - 0
VUFC Snipers AUBC T-Bird Stadium Turf - VAN11
Round of 16CupFri 2/16/2024 8:45PMImperial CupBCT Rovers Hurricanes A3 - 0Strathcona Primo FC ANewton Athl 4 Turf - SRY14
Sat 2/17/2024
Round of 16CupSat 2/17/2024 3:25PMImperial CupCroatia SC A1 - 0NVFC Norvan ABby Lake West 2 Turf - BBY15
Round of 16CupSat 2/17/2024 4:05PMImperial CupVancouver Greencaps A4 - 1Metropolitan FC ATrillium Turf East - VAN16
Round of 16CupSat 2/17/2024 8:30PMImperial CupPort Moody SC A3 - 3Inter EDC ATrasolini Turf - PMDY12
Incomplete. Lighting. Extra time / PKs COMPLETED Feb 21
Mon 2/19/2024
Round of 16CupMon 2/19/2024 8:45PMImperial CupBB5 United CCB2 - 0SFC Pegasus ANewton Athl 1 Stad Turf - SRY13
Wed 2/21/2024
Round of 16CupWed 2/21/2024 8:30PMImperial CupPort Moody SC A4 - 5Inter EDC ABby Lake West 3 Turf - BBY12a
(Completion from 3-3 FT Feb 17.) 4-4 after ET. PK win (4-5)

Quarter Finals

ScheduleTypeDateDivisionHome TeamResultVisiting TeamFieldGame No.
Quarter FinalCupFri 3/1/2024 7:10PMImperial CupColumbus FC A5 - 4CMFSC A WolvesBby Lake West 2 Turf - BBY17
Extra time win
Quarter FinalCupFri 3/1/2024 8:00PMImperial CupVUFC Hibernian3 - 0Inter EDC AUBC T-Bird Stadium Turf - VAN18
Sat 3/2/2024
Quarter FinalCupSat 3/2/2024 3:05PMImperial CupCroatia SC A3 - 1Vancouver Greencaps ABby Lake West 2 Turf - BBY20
Sun 3/3/2024
Quarter FinalCupSun 3/3/2024 8:00PMImperial CupBB5 United CCB2 - 1BCT Rovers Hurricanes ANewton Athl 1 Stad Turf - SRY19
Incomplete due to snow. 2nd half COMPLETED Mar 6
Tue 3/5/2024
Quarter FinalCupTue 3/5/2024 9:05PMImperial CupBB5 United CCB3 - 2BCT Rovers Hurricanes ABby Lake West 2 Turf - BBY19a
2nd half from Mar 3 completed from a score of 2-1

Semi Finals

ScheduleTypeDateDivisionHome TeamResultVisiting TeamFieldGame No.
Semi-FinalCupSat 3/9/2024 1:45PMImperial CupColumbus FC A0 - 5
VUFC HibernianEmpire Turf North - VAN21
Semi-FinalCupSat 3/9/2024 4:05PMImperial CupBB5 United CCB2 - 1
Croatia SC AEmpire Turf South - VAN22


ScheduleTypeDateDivisionHome TeamResultVisiting TeamFieldGame No.
FinalCupSat 3/23/2024 4:00PMImperial CupVUFC Hibernian4 - 3
BB5 United CCBBby Lake West 2 Turf - BBY23
3-3 FT. 3-3 AET. PK win (3-2)


Recent Past Winners

2024: VUFC Hibernian
2023: BB5 United CCB
2022: VUFC Hibernian
2021: No Competition (Covid-19)
2020: Competition incomplete (Covid-19)
2019: West Van FC A
2018: Rinos Tigers
2017: Pegasus FC
2016: Coq Metro Ford A Wolves

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