VMSL Constitution


(revised May 31, 2017)




The purpose of the Society is to develop, promote, extend and foster the game of soccer in the Province of British Columbia, Canada and to safeguard the interests of Clubs and Teams competing in the League.

Bylaws of the Association
(revised May 31, 2017)


Upon dissolution of the association, the assets which remain after payment of all charges and expenses which are properly incurred in winding up, shall be assigned and distributed to such organization as may be involved with the game of soccer, or to such other charitable organization or organizations as may be determined by the members of the association at the time of dissolution. This provision was previously unalterable.

Article 1- Affiliation and Membership

1.1. The association shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the British Columbia Soccer Association (BCSA) and the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA).
1.2. Membership in the association shall be open to all men’s soccer clubs playing the game according to the laws of the game and having a sound organization to ensure the fulfillment of all commitments demanded by membership in the association. Any club may make an application to become a member of the association by filing a declaration to respect the conditions of admission. All member clubs must be duly recognized by, or affiliated with, the British Columbia Soccer Association.
1.3. The association may accept membership applications up to the closing date set by the Board of Directors.
1.4 Membership in the association will cease upon voluntary resignation or expulsion of the member club. See article 4.4.
1.5 A member club is not in good standing if it fails to pay its fees or fines by the due date, or fails to respect the by-laws and general rules of the association.

Article 2- Meetings

2.1(a) The Annual General Meeting of the association shall be held at least ten (10) days prior to the BCSA Annual General Meeting, but not later than June 30. The association’s Board of Directors will determine the date, time and location of the meeting.
2.1(b) Twenty-eight (28) days’ notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given to each member club. Notice will be sent to the last known mailing address of each club.
2.1(c) The Treasurer shall forward to each member club a copy of an interim financial report at least fourteen (14) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
2.2(a) Extraordinary General Meetings may be convened at the discretion of the President. All member clubs will be duly notified at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting date.
2.2(b) The President, at the written request of 10% or more of the member clubs, shall convene Extraordinary General Meetings within twenty-one (21) days after receipt of such written request (which shall include any proposed amendments to the Constitution or By-Laws), the association’s Secretary shall give fourteen (14) days’ notice of such a meeting to each member club.
2.3. A quorum shall be a simple majority of the association’s membership.
2.4. Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern all meetings. In case of conflict, the Constitution, By-Laws, or Rules and Regulations of the association shall have precedence over Robert’s Rules of Order.
2.5(a) Each member club shall be entitled to one (1) vote per team.
2.5(b) Voting shall be by the show of hands. In exceptional situations a request for a secret ballot may be requested by the membership or by the President. In such instances a simple majority (50% plus 1) vote will be required to decide the necessity to conduct a secret ballot.
2.5(c) Voting by proxy is not permitted.
2.5(d) The President shall not have a vote, except to break a tie.
2.6. On matters where only one division within the association is affected, a special meeting may be called for members of the division in question.
2.7. The League Executive Board shall have a voice, but no vote, at all league meetings except for a tie-breaking vote by the President [see Article 2.5 (d)].
2.8. The order of business at all association meetings shall be:

a. Roll Call (Sign In)
b. Minutes
c. Executive Report
d. Treasurer’s Report
e. Other Reports
f. Correspondence
g. Unfinished Business
h. Consideration of Amendments to the Constitution (and Rules and Regulations)
i. Elections
j. New Business
k. Adjournment

2.9. Club representatives are required to attend all association meetings. Failure to attend will result in a fine of $25.
2.10. Persons nominated for elected positions to the Board of Directors of the association who are not present at the Annual General Meeting, must signify in writing, prior to their nomination, their willingness to stand for election.

Article 3 – Executive

3.1. An Executive Board of nine (9) Directors shall manage the affairs of the association.
3.2. The Executive of the association shall consist of the following officers: President, Vice President and seven (7) Directors.
3.3. Each year, three (3) directors shall be elected for a three (3) year term.
3.4. The Directors shall be elected by a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting.
3.5. A Director may be removed from office, at a General Meeting, on a motion supported by two-thirds of the association membership in good standing.
3.6. Any member of the Executive Board absenting himself without cause from three (3) consecutive meetings or willfully neglecting his duties on the Executive Board shall be deemed to have forfeited his office as a director of the association.
3.7. The Board of Directors may fill, on an interim basis, any vacancies that may occur on the association Executive Board by reason of resignation or termination. An interim director shall hold office only until the next Annual General Meeting.

Article 4 – Powers of League Executive

4.1. The nine (9) elected officers of the association Executive shall appoint a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Scheduling Secretary, Player Discipline Chairman, and Referee Scheduler annually. The President and Vice-President must be chosen from the Board of Directors.
4.2. The Executive Board shall appoint two (2) financial examiners who shall review the financial statements of the association and report to the member clubs at the Annual General Meeting.
4.3. The Executive Board shall decide the size and membership of each division.
4.4. The Board of Directors shall have the power to suspend or expel any member club who has neglected to pay its fees or fines by the due date, or who has not respected the by-laws and general rules of the association. The decision of the Board of Directors may be appealed to the BCSA.
4.5. The Board of Directors shall set, subject to approval by the member clubs at a General Meeting, honoraria commensurate with the services rendered and according to the association’s ability to pay.
4.6. The Board of Directors may approve payment of expenses, relating to the association’s business, incurred by the Board of Directors or association delegates.
4.7. The Board of Directors may, from time to time, institute temporary rules and regulations covering specific cases not covered in the Constitution, By-Laws, or Rules and Regulations. However, the membership must ratify the temporary rules and regulations at the next Annual General Meeting.
4.8. For the purpose of carrying out the objectives of the association, the Board of Directors may borrow, raise or secure the payment of money in such manner as they see fit, and in particular by the issuance of debentures, provided that the debentures shall not be issued without the sanction of special resolution of the association.

Article 5 – Duties of League Executive and Appointed Officers

5.1. The President shall preside at all General and Executive Meetings, ensure that the provisions of the Constitution, By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations are upheld, and instruct the Secretary to summon such meetings as may be necessary. The President shall be a member ex-officio of all committees.
5.2. The Vice President shall exercise all the duties and powers of the President in the absence of the President.
5.3. The Directors shall assist and take direction from the President, in the general operation of the association.
5.4(a). The Secretary shall give notice of all meetings of the association to all member clubs; The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the association and shall keep minutes of all such meetings; The Secretary shall be the custodian of the association’s Minute Books and correspondence files.
5.4(b). The Treasurer shall keep a full and accurate account of receipts and disbursements in books belonging to the association and shall deposit all moneys and valuables in the name and to the credit of the association in a financial institution as may be designated by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall prepare annual financial statements that shall be submitted to the member clubs at the Annual General Meeting.
5.4(c). The signing officers shall be the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and one other director selected by the Board of Directors. The signature of two signing officers shall be required on all withdrawals from the association’s bank account.
5.4(d). The Public Relation Officer shall be responsible for media releases and the general publicity of the association as directed by the President, including marketing and promotional activities associated with raising funds for the association.
5.4(f). The Scheduling Secretary shall arrange for and generally supervise the playing of all matches and shall keep an accurate record of team standings in all divisions.
5.5. The Board of Directors shall meet at the call of the President, all members having been duly notified.
At Executive meetings a majority of the directors shall constitute a quorum.
5.6. Any officer in an appointed position may attend General meetings and Executive meetings, but have no vote.

Article 6 – Protest (s)

6.1. All protests must be in writing (on paper or electronically) and must contain the particulars and grounds on which the protest(s) are founded.
6.2. All protests must be filed with the association President within forty-eight (48) hours of the conclusion of the game in question.
6.3. The sum of Fifty dollars ($50.00) must support the protest.  Credit Card payment from the Team Page or an e-transfer to payments@vmslsoccer.com shall suffice. If the protest is not sustained this amount shall be forfeited.
6.4. The association’s Secretary
shall send a copy of the protest to the team against whom the protest was lodged.
6.5. (a) If
a protest results in a team being found guilty of, for example, playing an ineligible player in a game, the offending team will forfeit the game points to the opposing team and may be subjected to an additional penalty as determined by the Board of Directors.
(b) In the event a losing team is proven to have played an ineligible player the Board of Directors shall determine the penalty for such infringement.
6.6. The decision of the association’s Board of Directors shall be binding, subject to an appeal to the BCSA.

Article 7 – Amendments to the Constitution

7.1. Amendments to this Constitution or By-Laws may be made by special resolution at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting, providing a two-thirds majority of the total membership is in attendance. Passage by said membership of any amendments requires a 75% majority of the votes cast.
7.2. The proposed amendment(s) shall be submitted to the association’s Secretary in writing at least twenty-one (21) days prior to such meeting. A copy of the proposed amendments(s) shall be sent to the member clubs at least fourteen (14) days before such a meeting.
7.3. Only member clubs or the Board of Directors of the association shall be permitted to propose amendments to the Constitution or By-Laws.

Article 8 – Seal

The common seal of the association shall be under the control of the Executive Board and the Executive Board shall determine the responsibility for its custody and use.