Masters B Cup

Masters B Cup 2022-23

Cup Guidelines

  • Refer to the 2023 Masters B Cup Draw found here
  • Home teams are reminded that it is their responsibility to fund and prepare the field of play through the quarterfinals
  • Field fees and field set up are shared between the two teams in joint semifinals at neutral venues
  • The officials’ fees are to be shared equally between the two teams in all cup games (except in the final).
  • Away teams are to change jerseys in case of a colour conflict.
  • In case of a tie—except for the semi-final and final games—the result will be decided by penalty kicks. In the semi-finals and final, in case of a tie, two 15-minute halves of overtime will be played. If the game is still tied after overtime, the result will be decided by penalty kicks.
  • The ICP and CAT systems are NOT in effect during Cup play.

Round of 64

Round of 32

Round of 16

Quarter Finals

Semi Finals



Recent Past Winners

2022: Gastown Astro FC M
2021: No Competition (Covid-19)
2020: Competition incomplete (Covid-19)
2019: ICSF Columbus FC M-B
2018: ICSF Columbus FC M-B
2017: PCOV M-B
2016: PCOV M-B