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When a red card is reported by a referee, the ejected player will show up in the Discipline list with a temporary default of a one game suspension, $20 fine and fine status of "to be determined". All new red card suspensions will be reviewed at the Discipline Hearings on Thursday evening. After the Discipline Hearings, the suspensions will be updated to the actual number of games / fine and the fine status will be updated to "owing" until paid.

Players who receive a second caution in a game and are ejected will generally receive a one game suspension but this is not always the case. In some cases, a longer suspension will be applied, especially if the player does not calmly leave the field of play once ejected and cause no further disruption.

There is a column showing games served. You can hover your mouse over this number and a box will pop up showing the dates of the games served.

Players are welcome to email to:
  • inquire about whether they need to appear at the Discipline Hearings (especially after receiving two cautions in a game)
  • notify the league that they can not appear
  • provide written input in the case where they are unable to appear
  • inquire about appealing their suspension in the case where their suspension was determined in their absence
  • etc