Discipline Hearing Info

Discipline Hearing Info


Discipline hearings are now held via Zoom. If you are required to attend a Discipline Hearing, your name will appear on the Discipline List under the DISCIPLINE Tab, and your "Games Suspended" will show as "tbd".

Discipline Hearings are held in-season on Wednesdays beginning at 7:30pm.

To attend a Discipline Hearing, all Players are asked to click the following link between 7:30-8pm. You will be automatically placed in a Waiting Room and your hearing will take place in the order of your log in. 

Discipline Hearings will end when there are no players in the Zoom Waiting Room and last person's case has been heard.

Join Weekly VMSL Zoom Discipline Hearings - Wednesdays at 7:30pm


Meeting ID: [ 2022-23 Season Closed ]


When a red card is reported by a referee, the ejected player will show up on the League Discipline List under the Discipline menu, with a temporary default of a "tbd" game suspension, “tbd” fine and fine status of "to be determined".

All new red card suspensions will be reviewed by the Discipline Committee. Some suspensions, for example DOGSO (Denying an Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity) reds, may be set to one game. If the “tbd” status is showing, the suspended player needs to attend a Discipline Hearings via Zoom. After the Discipline Hearings, the length of suspension and monetary fine will be updated. Furthermore, the fine status will be updated to "owing" until it is “paid”.

Players who receive a second caution in a game and are ejected, will generally receive a one game suspension, but this is not always the case. A longer suspension may be applied, especially if the player does not calmly leave the field of play once ejected. If you have been ejected from a game for receiving two yellow card cautions and your suspension is updated to 1 game, you do not need to attend a Discipline Hearing.

If you were ejected from a game for receiving two cautions in a game and your suspension status remains as "tbd", then you are expected to attend a Discipline Hearing. Please read the "NOTE" above.

Players will be automatically suspended for one game and fined $25 when they accumulate 4 yellows and then again after accumulating 6 yellows over the course of the league season. (Note: Cup Discipline is tracked independently). When a player accumulates a 7th league yellow (and also for every subsequent yellow) they will be suspended indefinitely until they appear at a Discipline Hearing.

There is a column showing games served. You can hover your mouse over this number and a box will pop up showing the dates of the games served.

Payments for discipline fines must me made by the time the suspension has been served. Fines will be increased by $25 for every additional game that passes while the fine remains unpaid.

Payments for discipline fines can be made by a logged in Player and/or logged in Team Staff member on your Team Page, by clicking through to the Fine Summary report. (See the link in the bottom part of the "Team" section (top left) on your Team Page). Here you can pay by credit card by putting a check beside the fines you wish to pay and clicking the Pay Now link and completing the payment form. Fines paid this way need no administrator intervention and will show as paid immediately on the website. 

As a less desirable approach, players or team staff can send an e-transfer to payments@vmslsoccer.com. Be sure in the text notes of your e-transfer to indicate that it is a fine payment and who it is for. Fines paid this way require administrator intervention and will not show as paid on the website until manually processed.

Players are welcome to email discipline@vmslsoccer.com to:

·  notify the league that they can not attend an upcoming hearing.

·  inquire about appealing their suspension.