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Permits and Transfers

  VMSL Sub Slip 5 pack.pdf VMSL Sub Slips 5 Pack
  AdultLeaguePlayerTransfe-rForm(AdultTeamtoAdultTeam)_nodate.pdf Adult League Transfer Form - Use this document to transfer between BCSA sanctioned adult teams in British Columbia
  PlayerPermitApplicationF-orm20160420.pdf Youth to Senior Permit Form - Use this form to use a BCSA registered youth player in an adult game
  ParentalLiabilityAcknowl-edgement.pdf Parental Liability Acknowledgement Form - use this form to sign a youth player in adult league
  ProvincialTransferApplic-ationnodate.pdf Provincial Transfer - Use this form to transfer from one provincial soccer association to another
  InternationalTransfer.pdf International Transfer - Use this form to transfer from another jurisdiction